Traditional Chinese Medicine

Please note - All NEW clients to Dr. Amy MUST have their Acupuncture/Cupping intake form filled out prior to their appointment to avoid shortened appointment times. Please request form from our friendly front staff.


Customize and personalize your Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment with one or more of the following Add-ons, customized to suit your personal journey toward health and wellness:

Chinese Herb Prescriptions|   $ Customized
Cupping Add-On  |  $25  
Auricular (Ear) Therapy Add-On  |  $25

Initial Assessment  |  30 mins - $30

Meet our Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine one-on-one and discuss concerns that you have and the reasons why you may be considering utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your initial assessment will be complete with a diagnosis using the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and include a personalized treatment plan that is unique to you, to help treat and begin work on addressing the concerns you have regarding your body and your health. 


Acupuncture Treatment  |  90 mins - $105 initial treatment  |  60 mins - $90 subsequent treatments

Whether it's insomnia or anxiety, muscle pain, PMS to menopause, addictions, stress relief, digestive issues, headaches, or more, acupuncture is right for you. The initial treatment starts with an in-depth diagnosis using the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Once our trained acupuncturist has discovered the root cause of your health concern, she will design a series of acupuncture treatments that are unique to you. Acupuncture may be just what your body needs to bring it back to its natural and harmonious state of health and wellness!


Pre-Birth Acupuncture Treatment | 60 minutes - $90

Tailored specifically for expecting mothers at 36 weeks or later to prepare them for labor. Using a few points on the body, Acupuncture helps ripen the cervix, help your baby move into its ideal birthing position, and promotes optimal energy for entering labor. Expecting mothers receiving these treatments will be less likely to need inducing, an epidural or caesarean delivery, and much more likely to have a happy, successful labor. Weekly treatments are recommended until labor begins.  


Weight Regulation Acupuncture Treatment | 60 minutes - $100

Designed to improve digestion, reduce the storage of fat, and to stimulate and dissolve existing fat deposits, weight loss Acupuncture is a widely used technique to add to any health regime. Electrodes are attached to Acupuncture needles, which are inserted into certain acupoints as well as fat deposits to increase stimulation of the needles, as well as begin to break up the adipose tissue beneath the skin. This technique is great for targeted fat loss for those stubborn areas that just don't respond to diet and exercise alone. 


Auricular Acupuncture Treatment | Add-on to any session - $20

Auricular Acupuncture refers to an ancient technique of stimulating acupoints on the ear with ear seeds (or tiny intradermal needles). It is believed that a powerful micro-system exists on the ear, and auricular therapy is a great way to maximize the benefits of Acupuncture for any disorder, ranging from shoulder pain to addiction recovery.


Cupping Therapy |  60 mins - $80 initial treatment  |  30 mins - $65 subsequent treatments

Cupping is a general term used to describe a technique where suction is formed in a cup that is placed on the skin, and when the skin is drawn into the cup, tension is released from the muscles, toxins are released, blow flow is increased, circulation improved, nutrients flood the area,  and pain can be reduced due to sedation of the nervous system.  People seek cupping out to treat many things, including, but not limited to high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety, depression, weak/tired/sore muscles, acne, lumbago, neck tension, and cellulite and fat loss.