Dr. Amy Nykoluk, DTCM

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

During her four years of studying, Dr. Amy perfected the art of Acupuncture, herbal medicines and Tui Na massage, and completed a three month practicum in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Mianyang, China. Following the completion of her studies and treating clients in Calgary for over two years, Amy has developed a love and strong knowledge base in treating many issues, including fertility, skin disorders, digestion issues and mental health, and sleeping issues, to name a few.

Amy was always aware that she was here to help people. During her fourth year studying pre-Medical, she began to realize that her path was not fulfilling her in this way she had hoped. After much soul searching, Amy moved to Calgary and began studying the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Amy grew up in a small town in southern Manitoba, expanding on her love and knowledge of nature, music, art, culture, and people, through studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Winnipeg. Amy also spent time playing piano and guitar, studying various types of dance, painting and spent time backpacking through many parts of the world to expand her knowledge of history and culture.

Dr. Amy Nykoluk

"Through utilizing Chinese Medicine, we can help everyone achieve maximum health and wellness - and incredible beauty! - that starts from a perfectly balanced and healthy internal environment." ~ Dr. Amy Nykoluk