Seminars and Events

The certified and deeply knowledgeable team at The Natural Art of Skin Care want to share as much wisdom with you as possible.  We aim to hold one seminar relating to skin and body health once a month, or a special event in-spa, in the hopes of giving our clients the tools to better themselves and their lives.

Wednesday, September 26 @ 7:00 PM

Hosted by; 

Janna Hattingh - Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Learn the scandalous history of sugar and the diet industry, how fat has been falsely accused as bad for our health, why sugar alternatives are bad for your metabolism, what the best sugars are to start including in your diet now, and how natural sugars has been studied to help diabetics.

Sugar Stats:

One can of coke per day for a year has 3,510 tsp of sugar - that's equivalent to a 15kg bag!

One serving of pop per day increased cardiovascular disease by 19% and the risk of heart attack by 20% in males aged 40-75 (study conducted on 42,000 participants)

In 2000, the Center for Disease Control determined that obesity rates have skyrocketed from 10% in the 1960's to over 30%

We are on average 25lbs heavier living in today's society than we were 50 years ago.

66% of foods found in grocery stores contain added sugar
Sugar can go by more than 50 different names on labels

Added sugar contributes to more than 140 diseases

For more information on the Bitter Taste of Sugar, how the food industry tricked us into the high-sugar, low-fat craze, what sugar alternatives have been linked to cancer and what the best kinds of sugars are to start including in your diet now, attend our seminar on Sept 26th


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10-Day Detox program this fall!

Dreading the upcoming school/work season? Wish that bountiful energy you’ve had all summer could last longer? Reserve your spot for the Fall 10 Day Detox and keep your engines running full steam ahead! Just like getting an oil change for your car or spring cleaning your house, it is important to have regular ‘tune ups’ on yourself - in body, mind and spirit. Janna recommends actively detoxing twice a year, usually in the fall, then again in the spring.

The Fall 10 Day Detox will help:

-        Increase your energy level

-        Improve your skin’s brightness, tone and texture

-        Improve your sleep quality

-        Improve stress management

-        Reduce bloating, cramping and constipation/diarrhea

-        Reduce joint pain and inflammation


Package price is $199 each, and will include;

  • 7-day meal plan + 3-day flex plan
  • Recipe book
  • Supplements (HMF Probiotics and Vitamin D)

Opening Seminar - Wednesday, October 17th @ 7:00 PM

Closing Seminar - Wednesday, October 24th @  7:00 PM

Must register by Saturday, October 6th to participate!


Click the link below to purchase your ticket in advance, or you can pay at the spa!