All facial treatments include a personalized product prescription chart by your Certified Esthetician for your home care regime, and extractions for acne-prone or congested skin.


Save $25 on The Royal Package for the month of February! 


NEW - The Ultimate Acne-Attack | 60 mins - $149

An enhanced version of our classic Treatment Facial - this facial is designed to deeper combat stubborn acne and melt away unwanted blackheads! Begin with a pre-cleanse oil to loosen pores for full extraction. This facial also includes the Acne-Attack add-on for additional exfoliation using Eminence's Stone Crop Fizzofoliant combined with the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant as well as the Soothing Chamomile Toner for #alkalinity. Masque with the Almond Mineral Treatment to further clean out blemishes then finish with a balancing moisturizer and an acne treatment oil. It's the ultimate treatment facial for clearer skin!


Essential Skin Care Analysis  |  30 mins - Complimentary

A personalized one-on-one consultation and skin examination by one of our Certified Estheticians, with Q & A time for your skin care concerns. Clients will receive a personalized product prescription chart to create their own at-home regime.


Comprehensive Skin Care Analysis & Personalized Take-Home Program  |  

30 mins  -  $30

 A personalized one-on-one consultation, pertinent to understanding your overall health and skin care needs, plus a current lifestyle assessment. Clients will receive a daily routine plan to help correct and harmonize their current lifestyle, plus create a personalized treatment plan suited to their personal budget, with professional documentation and photographs for your fresh new start! Create a healthy future goal plan to achieve your optimum health goals with one of our Certified Practitioners, that is both realistic and affordable for you today.


Rejuvenate Peel Package  |  30 mins  -  $30

A trained Medical Esthetician will customize a complementary rejuvenation peel package program for you. A step-by-step guide for optimizing your home care regime, plus an in-spa treatment plan to renew your skin's appearance. Designed for anti-aging, renewal and scar correction.

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Eminence Signature Facial  |  60 mins - $96

Rejuvenate and heal while enjoying this customized facial using only organic products chosen by a Certified Esthetician just for you and your skin type. Complete with a neck, shoulder, and arm massage teaser!


Eminence Express Facial  |  40 mins - $76

Designed to give you a quick clean-up or maintenance in a hurry. Great for seasonal changes, sudden breakouts, and before and after vacations!


Clean Teen Facial  |  60 mins - $99

A healing and therapeutic deep pore cleansing facial with a focus on extractions and cleaning for the skin. Designed for oily and acne-prone teen skin. 


Treatment Facial  |  60 mins - $99

A therapeutic facial with deep pore cleansing, complete with extractions and soothing masques to return your skin to balance - your skin will thank you! Designed to combat oily, acne-prone, problematic adult skin. Obtain beautifully balanced skin naturally!


Gentleman’s Facial  |  60 mins - $115

Everything a man needs. Begins with a brief shoulder massage, deep cleanse and exfoliation suited for a man's thicker skin. This Gentleman's Facial includes an optional eyebrow grooming to tidy up a few stray hairs. Complete with an arm and hand massage teaser.


Quick Exfoliation  |  $20 mins - $55

Specifically designed for peel clients only, 3-7 days after receiving a peel. This exfoliation facial will aid with the removal of the accumulated dead skin cells and help the skin breathe, absorb more nutrients and hydration, and therefore heal better.


Mineral Cosmetic Consultation  |  30 mins - $55 (50% off for the month of November!)

Get all dolled up with our natural Mineral Cosmetics Application, perfect for sensitive skin using only hypoallergenic high-quality talc free natural makeup. Have a professional colour match and create a flawless canvas to play with the hottest eye, lip and cheek shades today!


Add the Personalized Tutorial  |  15 mins - $25

(Add-On only for the Mineral Cosmetic Consultation)
Add a personalized tutorial to learn the steps that our professional has used to design your stylish makeup look.