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Holistic Nutrition

Fresh Start Consultation | 30 minutes - $30

30-minute personal holistic health consultation. Meet your new Certified Holistic Health Consultant in this one-on-one session focusing on addressing your health and nutrition concerns, questions and goals. Includes diet and lifestyle evaluation and gives you a fresh start to your health journey.  


Tune Up | 60 minutes - $120

(Save 20% when you book the same day as a Fresh Start or Mini Transformation)

60-minute follow-up. 4-6 weeks after your Fresh Start, this session includes a diet, lifestyle and health re-assessment, reviewing your goals and tuning up your health regime to keep your body, mind, and spirit in balance.


Re-Fresh | 90 minutes - $150

90-minute follow-up. Time is precious and life is busy, but no matter what, we want you to stay on track with your health journey. Book a ReFresh every 3 months to stay on track if you've missed your tune ups or simply want a Holistic health and lifestyle check-in.


Holistic Health Packages

Mini Transformation | 90-120 minutes - $375

90-120 minutes extended Diet and Lifestyle Assessment and Body Systems Analysis. Discover where your new health journey can take you! This session includes an in-depth consultation, reviewing each organ system based upon using Nutri-Systems Profile and Lifestyle Analysis Forms. Our aim is to discover potential imbalances in your body and bring it back into working harmony. Begin your transformation here and receive a complimentary 3-day meal planning guide.

Total Transformation | $750

Complete and Comprehensive Diet and Lifestyle Assessment and Body Systems Analysis.  let’s wipe the slate clean and forget what you thought you knew about health and nutrition, what to buy in the grocery stores, and what supplements you *should be taking.  This package includes the in-office Mini Transformation as well as a 60-minute guided grocery tour, 60-minute fridge and pantry raid, 30-minute supplement review and a 60minute Tune Up.  Transform your body, home and shopping habits with this Total Package. 

3-Day Kick Start Meal Planning Guide | $75

Not sure where to begin, or are you looking for a revamp in your daily meal regime?  Includes ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner as well as a Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen shopping list.  Add this on to any service or purchase at any time after your initial consult to kick start your taste buds.

Supplement Review | $50

“I bought this on an infomercial, this is the best, that’s the worst, take this, don’t take that…” Are you confused as to what to take for supplements?  Add this onto any service and bring in that tickle trunk of supplements you’ve been taking, hoarding or hiding and we’ll work together to trash or treasure your supplements.  Includes a review and recommendations for use.

Body Balancing Analysis | $250

Feeling sluggish, out of tune, or stressed?  Discover possible areas of imbalance using the Nutra-Systems Profile and Lifestyle Analysis Forms and get started on reviving that body of yours!
(included in the Mini and Total Transformation)

60-Minute Fridge/Pantry Raid | $100

**Save 20% When you book together!

Are you the empty fridge with the condiment packages and take out containers or is your fridge and pantry loaded with food that constantly goes bad?  This in-home service is an ideal add-on to any service or on its own to go through your pantry and fridge and educate on what foods to use and what to lose.  Any non-perishable foods will be donated to your local food bank.

60-Minute Grocery Tour | $100

Save 10% when you add on to our Transformation Packages

Are you overwhelmed in the grocery store? What am I looking for on the label, this says low-fat, that says no sugar, what do I buy?!  Come on a personalized guided grocery tour and get tips on what to look for on labels, consumer marketing tricks, and education on packaged and fresh foods. Add this to any service or purchase on its own to feel more confident with your shopping basket.

IgG Allergy Testing | $395

Tests 200 different foods and uses the results to rate your sensitivity levels.  Great reference to target foods to use and foods to lose in your diet.