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Nail Services

All services include a Magnesium infused softening soak, cuticle clean up, nail shape and buff or color and moisturizer.


Supreme Manicure  |  60 minutes - $65

This treatment has everything a great manicure includes and more - refresh your tired hands! After cleaning up your nails and cuticles, your Esthetician will apply a hydrating and nourishing Eminence Organics masque to your hands and cuticle area. While you are masking beneath warm hand towels, enjoy a shoulder massage teaser. Finish off with a perfect polish application in one of our many stunning Priti NYC shades.


Spa Manicure  |  40 minutes - $55

Rejuvenate your hands with a softening soak, infused with essential oils. Finish off with an eco-friendly Priti NYC polish that suits your mood and style!


Express Manicure  |  30 minutes - $45

The manicure includes your choice of either nails buffed to shine or a clear coat to finish.


Supreme Pedicure  |  80 minutes - $90

Treat your self to something extra-ordinary; this isn't your average pedicure! After pampering your feet with a spa pedicure, a hydrating and rejuvenating Eminence Organics masque will be applied with hot towels and extra massage time to complete the perfect treatment. While resting, enjoy a hand massage teaser, complete with a classy Priti NYC shade to finish.


Spa Pedicure  |  60 minutes - $75

Put your head back and indulge in a relaxing foot soak infused with essential oils. Includes a rejuvenating leg and foot exfoliation and massage. Finish with an eco-friendly Priti NYC polish that suits your mood and style!


Express Pedicure  |  45 minutes - $65

Includes a relaxing foot soak and your choice of either nails buffed to a shine or a perfect clear coat to finish.


Mountain Man-i-cure  |  45 minutes - $65

Do you have rough, calloused man paws? Let us overhaul your hardworking hands and leave your mitts feeling brand new, ready to tackle any project. Includes an added hand massage - you'll never believe how soft your hands can be! 


Mountain Man Pedicure  |  60 minutes - $80

Do you have rough, tough, hard-working feet? Put your feet up and let us work our magic on them. You’ll leave with your soles feeling smooth and healthy.


Supreme Mani & Pedi Duo - $140

Spa Mani & Pedi Duo - $115

Express Mani & Pedi Duo - $100

French Polish Add-on $10

*Please note our 48-hour cancellation policy; Cancellations made without notice are subject to a 50% charge of the service booked, and $25 for complimentary consultations. Please respect our therapists time. -Thank you!

What Nail Polish line do we use?

We support and use the leader in luxury eco-friendly nail polish, PRITI NYC.

PRITI NYC polishes are 5 Free & Vegan, completely non-toxic, and are free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor - all known carcinogenic ingredients. These luxury polishes are fast drying, chip resistant, contain a UV inhibitor, and are extremely durable and glossy. They are also completely safe for use on children and moms-to-be. Available in over 100 different shades including metallics, mattes, bright neons, rich darks, classic nudes, and everything in between,

Why do we use a copper bowl?

Besides the beauty, copper naturally kills many germs and bacteria and helps reduce pain and inflammation. Soaking feet in a Copper bowl can help to achieve a healthier immune system as well as help with joint pain from conditions like arthritis. Positive and negative magnetic fields created by copper help energy flow through the body. Ionized copper was used by ancient Egypt to purify water.