Rachel Lamont

Owner & Medical Esthetician


Rachel Lamont has been working in the Esthetics business for over 12 years an an Esthetician, with a dynamic history of many different spa environments. 

Her first step towards her career path was the successful completion of a two-year Esthetic Diploma at Seneca College, where she graduated in the top 3 of her class. Rachel highly recommends this school for Esthetic Training.

Rachel began her career in the prestigious Stillwater Regency Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto, which is a beautiful high-end luxury spa. She also worked in a medical spa, skin care clinic and another natural spa, till it led her to now; successfully running her own all natural spa on 16th Avenue in Calgary, Alberta. 

Rachel has trained over the years to become a Master in the Art of of Basic Esthetics practices, including nail maintenance, waxing, body treatments, laser and radio frequency machinery, micro-dermabrasion, and relaxation treatments, while specializing in acne facials, facial rejuvenation and chemical peels. Rachel is passionate about her career and using and promoting all-natural product lines.

Rachel believes The Natural Art of Skin Care is set apart from other skin care providers, with their sharp attention to detail, whether it be the overall ambiance of the spa; having the serene smell of incense to signal that you can finally slow down, or providing physical comfort to clients while they relax and be pampered at the spa. Rachel believes in providing superior customer services, thriving in an environment where she is meeting and interacting with new people daily, answering questions, steering clients in the right direction for their health and skin, and taking on any new challenges while being a business owner. Rachel shares a long and personal bond and history with many of her clients. 


"I love my work here at The Natural Art of Skin Care and I am confident that I can better the industry and improve the lives of my clients through the use of all-natural product lines and new approaches to holistic healing."  ~ Rachel Lamont, Spa Owner & Medical Esthetician