Seasonal Qi Changes, Transition Confidently into Autumn!

In these early days of September, when there is a distinct nip in the early morning air, nature is gently beginning the shift from summer, to late summer, and finally to autumn.  It is a time when nature is telling our bodies to slow down, and really look internally at what is going on.  Are you able to feel that natural desire to be introspective?  It can be challenging though, as September is also, for many people, the busiest time of the year!  How can we try to slow down, listen to what our environment is telling us, and make the most of this beautiful transition time for our bodies, mind, and spirit?!


To begin, when we look at Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, autumn is the time most closely related to our lungs and large intestine.  The lungs are largely connected with our immune system, so now is a great time to boost them, before we head into winter.  When we are in constant connection with our bodies, these changes are instinctual...but again, being such a busy time of year, not everyone can hear their bodies request for a diet shift or a change to the exercise routine.  This is the time of year to really fill our reserves, in all aspects of life, so we can make it through the long, sometimes super long, and cold winter!

Find out cool ways to figure out if your lung or large intestine may be in need for a little acupuncture tune up, and see suggested support foods that are great for this time of season!

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Acne-Puncture, Your Acne Solution Treatment Plan

Acupuncture treatments have been successful in regulating our hormones and soothing irritated gut linings — all of which play a role in the health of our skin. External benefits for the skin: acupuncture can clear heat (reduce redness), drain dampness (reduce cystic acne), and nourish your yin (to help soothe dryness). Our cosmetic acupuncture treatments, such as our Rejuvenating Acupuncture Facial, or Gua Sha Stone Facial, can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness in the face, as well as reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sunspots… customized with natural products suited to YOUR skin, sold!

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How to survive The Calgary Stampede 2019: A hangover guide for you and your skin

The Calgary Stampede has finally come ‘round again, the highlight of the Summer for most! We’re prepping our livers, and applying our self-tanner, dusting off cowboy boots and dry dusting our hair. It’s a week of junk (but amazingly delicious) food, booze, UV Rays, makeup, sweat, good times, and fun! That Nashville North tent sure gets steamy when the sun drops low, and I’m sure you haven’t thought twice about the Palm Bay that stranger over there just bought you.  It’s Summer… go ahead, live a little! But when you do, here are some tips and tricks to detox and remedy your hungover skin.

Detoxing Rule #1: WATER!

Hydration is the name of the hangover game. H2O – The powerhouse for our health. We know we need water daily for health and ultimately survival, to prevent kidney disease, but it allows minerals and nutrients to dissolve and be accessible to reach different parts of our body.  But what does drinking WATER do for our skin, and what does not drinking WATER do to our skin? 

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What you need to know about how smoke and smog affects our skin

Calgary, being the urban city that it is, has some degree of air pollution already, but as of late, the increasing smoke from surrounding Alberta and BC wildfires is adding greatly to the issue.

So how does the skin react to this increase of air pollution?

For starters, smoke decreases the amount of clean, oxygenated blood that gets to the skin cells in order to feed and cleanse the tissue. The ash, micro-particles can clog up the pores, adding to the build-up of sweat, oil, old makeup, and dead skin cells. This can lead to everything from inflammation, to acne, along with a duller complexion.

On the other side, we have antioxidants which are a group of beneficial nutrients – vitamins, minerals and enzymes – that can minimize and repair the damaged processes in cells by neutralizing the free radicals and help with repairing the skin cells.

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Seasonal Product Changes

Summer is a great time to up your Vitamin-C intake, as it helps to repair the skin from the damaging effects of the Sun. This vitamin is great for so many reasons, especially for after sun, for brightening, and feeding collagen.


If you’re on one of the richer moisturizers from the winter time, i.e- the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer, or the Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream, it may be time to switch over to a lower oil version, such as the Guava Bamboo Age Defy Moisturizer, or the Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer.  That is why I love Eminence so much!  The line is so customizable, with options to choose from for every skin type!


This is also a great time to mention Eminence’s new Lilikoi Mineral Defense SPF collection!  Defend your skin from drying environmental stressors with this all-mineral SPF sun protection line. Their newest release, reef-friendly, completely natural sun protection is a great addition to your skincare routine for a day-time product that ensures you are protected from the sun’s harmful UVA/ UVB rays and their damaging effects. Choose from the Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer (SPF 33), Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer (SPF 23), and the Lilikoi Mineral Defense Sport Sunscreen (SPF 30) for the body.

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Is your diet making you stink?

Bad breath, stinky feet, body odour and overly foul-smelling bowel movements may be signs that your body is giving you (and everyone else around you) that your diet is off.   

Aside from practicing good personal hygiene such as showering regularly and using regular mild soap, the underarm area can be an embarrassing breeding zone for some.  Many people find themselves having to buy super antiperspirants, perfumes and scented body washes - but this is all just making the problem worse!


The body is made up of more bacteria than cells, yup you read that right.  We are one big moving universe of bacteria, both good and bad.  Because we don’t walk around like the wailing flailing inflatable promo men, we have crevices that don’t get much open air-time, like our arm pits. This leads to a warm environment, and a build-up of extra moisture.  Bacteria love to hang out in warm, moist, sheltered areas and feed off the sugars contained in your sweat.  Excess sugar intake, more food for the bacteria, more stink!  

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Qi Beauty Facial - A new TCM Facial addition to The Natural Art of Skin Care!

March is here, which hopefully means spring is just around the corner!  We made it through a cold and snowy February, even breaking a few weather records in Calgary!  Most of us have probably noticed our mood taking a bit of a hit, being stuck indoors, long and slow after-work commutes, and shoveling mounds of snow in this bitter cold.  During cold snaps like this, it is also common to notice not so pleasant changes in our skin.  If your skin feels rough and unbearably dry right now, you are not alone!  Cold air, wind, and indoor heating systems all suck the moisture out of our skin and leave us looking lackluster and tired.  This is the time of year to be using a rich moisturizer, and adding more oils into your routine, maybe an oil pre-cleanser, or a finishing oil on top of your moisturizer which provides a barrier between your skin and the elements.  This is also an exciting time at the spa, because we are introducing a few new facials on our menu, including a Traditional Chinese Medicine based skin therapy, called Qi Beauty!  

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Gua Sha Stones + Beauty Rollers

Gua Sha is characterized by long and short strokes in a massage like motion. Some use it on the body with the strong intent to cause bruising in order to break down scar tissue by “scraping” the skin. It is not necessary to cause bruising during Gua Sha massage, but lymphatic drainage is a great benefit from this tool.


As we glide the stone across the skin, lymphatic fluids are drained, helping with circulation and the breaking down of scar tissue. It also releases muscle tension and brings a new glow to the skin and surrounding areas.  On the face you will be able to see the skin instantly refreshed and lifted, leaving you with a glowing complexion as it helps to stimulate collagen production.

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High Frequency Uses and Benefits!

High-Frequency machines - a timeless tried and true machine, first developed in the late 1800's for wound healing. This non-invasive treatment has been improving skin conditions such as acne, hair loss and pore and skin tightening, for many years.

High Frequency is a well-known rejuvenating treatment respected in the skin care industry since the turn of the century. It's been proven to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin care product penetration and absorption by gently warming and oxygenating the tissues of the skin.


Its most significant use in the skin care industry is for its positive benefits in effectively reducing acne breakouts and calming the previous breakout down in less time. Treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote lymphatic drainage and product penetration, rejuvenate the condition of the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair growth.

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The Wonders of Gua Sha in TCM

It's November and things are getting very busy at the Spa this month!  We have our Client Appreciation Christmas party on the 22nd, which is always a great evening!  It is an excellent time to come meet all of our providers, eat some great food, and take advantage of our 15% off sale on all products and services!!  We are also updating our spa menu and adding a few new exciting treatments, including our new Cellulite Cupping Therapy and we’ve added relaxing hot stones to our Supreme Pedicure!  Because I have had so many clients trying out the new Rejuvenating Acupuncture facial, and loving the Gua Sha portion so much, I think its a good time to dive into this subject and share all the ways this unusual technique can keep us happy, healthy, and beautiful!

How will gua sha be incorporated into my facial and beauty routine you may ask?  We use a more gentle approach with our gua sha tool when it comes to treating the skin on our face.  Facial gua sha is considered to be the natural version of botox.  Because the face is a more delicate area, we use more light strokes to increase the microcirculation, that doesn't cause any damage to the tiny vessels of the face.  Just like the process on the body, facial gua sha will increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, as well as relaxing tight muscles that may be causing wrinkles on the face.  The skin will turn pink and plump following the treatment, leaving the complexion bright and smooth.  Gua sha is an excellent anti-aging treatment, as well as treating puffiness by increasing the lymph drainage of the face.  

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