We Haven't Found The Fountain Of Youth, But With DERMed We Are Getting Closer!

We are so excited to show all of our clients the world of peels, retinols, and added vitamins and peptides that really bring the Medical and Natural sides of skin care together beautifully. Institut DERMed is an amazing skin care line that I have been researching, and salivating over, for a few years now. I am very proud to announce that we will be now be carrying key products from this line, to work in conjunction with the much-loved Eminence Organics line.  These great new products will add to the fight against acne, scarring, sun damage, and the inevitable - aging skin. DERMed products are packed full of active ingredients that fight collagen loss, elasticity problems, clear up acne skin, help cell turnover, and much much more!

DERMed has a fantastic range of professional, in-office peel options that can really take the results we have already achieved together to the next level. I have been blessed that I have worked with many modalities and equipment over my 10 years as an Esthetician. I have used everything from dry ice on cystic acne lesions, lasers, radio frequency machines, Galvanic machines, and of course, PEELS!  

Through my journey, I have always loved to use cosmetic peels to help with correcting the skin.  They are an indispensable tool for acne, sun damage, and aging. But, as many of you know, my practice always starts with cleaning, healing, and feeding the skin.  I will never forsake the health of your skin just to do a peel. For that reason, I want to talk a bit more about DERMed, their peels, and what they can and cannot do for you.

This line has both an at home, and an in-office component to it, and I would like to touch on both in this article. If however, you would like some education on the at home care or in-office peels, please feel free to book an extra 15 minutes onto your next facial so we can go over the line and it's possible place in your skin health regime.  So please enjoy this handy-dandy FAQ sheet, and let us know if you have any other questions

What Is a Peel?

A peel is a skin treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture and pigmentation of the skin using a solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off. There are different types of solutions. Anything from enzymes, natural acids and chemicals are used to peel the skin. For this reason, peels are not to be treated lightly. Just like lasers or needles, or any other medical-aesthetic tool, they can cause damage if not respected and treated carefully. Conversely, a deep understanding of the skin coupled with an invaluable tool like a peel, can really yield good results.

Am I a Candidate For a Peel?

First thing's first: This is by far the most important thing I have to say about the world of peels. Please know that there is a beautiful dance between peeling the skin, and feeding or healing it. And both things are useless if not protecting it ALL THE TIME from future damage. If you are a client of ours you will already know this: Feed and protect always, and where needed, peel smart.  There are different levels and strengths of peels, and results are often better when doing multiple "milder" peels, than one very deep peel. Different levels and strengths mean that peels are suited for most skin conditions, and can even be used just to "freshen up" the look of skin. Unfortunately, beyond saying that you MUST be (or become) a consistent sunscreen wearer, we won't know if you are a peel candidate until you come in for a complimentary consult, so please feel free to book one.

Tell Me About DERMed Home-Care Products.

When peeling the skin you always want to make sure it is healthy before you start. I recommend feeding and nourishing the skin for some time before getting into peels. This ensures that you heal in the best and fastest way you are meant to, and that the new skin we reveal is of high quality.

Cleansers and Toners:

With DERMED, you now have the opportunity to add Glycolic Acids, Lactic Acids, and Ascorbic Acids (Vitamin C) to your regime.  They are present in the treatments for home care including the cleansers and toners.  This helps with skin-cell turnover, which perks up a dull, graying, aging complexion. Adding these actives to a regime can also help with acne by keeping the pores clear of build up, and reduce pigmentation by helping to slough off the older discolored cells. And that is only the cleansers and toners! 

Serums and Boosters:

We also now have great Serums with boosts of vitamins and peptides to get the skin in great shape, and in some cases to help to build back new skin cells. For instance, Vitamin C is needed to grow new collagen, without proper amounts of Vitamin C, the skin cannot properly grow and sustain the new growing collagen that is the result of peeling the skin. Vitamin C also plays a very important role in fighting pigmentation. DERMed also has a great peptide serum to help promote new collagen growth. This is very beneficial when doing peels! This great line also has an Epithelial Growth Factor serum derived from yeast to help grow healthy skin back after a peel. This line has great pigmentation home care with proven ingredients like Kojic acid and Licorice, that are well studied to naturally lighten the skin. Really, the list of benefits for this line is endless!

And What About The In-Office Peels?

In house is where the real magic happens...

Here our trained estheticians can help professionally peel off signs of aging, pigmentation, scarring; as well as help with severe acne and calm and clean the skin. But remember, depending on the peel level, we may peel off the old skin, which does mean you may be a bit red or shedding skin for a few days.

I Have Decided I Want a Peel, So What's Next?

If you have decided to get a peel, your first step will be to set up a complimentary professional consult with your esthetician and together you will build a plan to meet your skin's needs, and help get your skin back in shape. Depending on your individual condition and concerns, we might start you on home care first, prior to your peel.

We are really excited to have this new line here at The Natural Art of Skin Care, and we hope you are too. Book your complimentary consult today, and get one of our professionals to help you designs a healthy plan for better looking skin. We can't wait to see (a more glowing and radiant) you!