Changing Your Products for the Season

By Rachel Lamont
Spa Owner & Medical Esthetician

As the seasons change, so does the condition of your skin... and so should your products! This is especially true for Albertan's, with the drastic change in the seasons that we experience here. During the winter, and the lack of humidity during this time of year, your products need to be richer in hydrating ingredients. If your skin remains dry then you can leave it susceptible to lines, dullness, the feeling of tightness and irritated skin; with the lack of oil as a protectant on the skin, it can leave your skin open to invading bacteria the may cause breakouts.

There are plenty of options to choose from at the spa and a professional skin care expert can help. On the opposite side of the line, if you don't lower the moisture in the beautiful hot season, your skin will feel heavy and oily and can be more prone to congestion, and will also affect how your makeup sits and lasts.

Here are some of our suggestions to switch it up this Spring season:

  • Eight Greens Whip to Thermal or Clear Skin Moisturizer
  • Jasmine or Monoi Cream to Guava or Mango Moisturizer
  • Clear Skin Wash to Eucalyptus Wash
  • Vanilla SPF Moisturizer to Tinted Moisturizer

This can also be a time when you may not need additional oil; some people that use oils on top of their moisturizer during the winter may not need them in the summer. Using less product and more water to dilute your product down will also work to lighten the consistency for spring and summer.