Just Wash Your Face!

By Rachel Lamont
Spa Owner & Medical Esthetician

One of the most important and basic rules of skin care and hygiene is to cleanse yourself before bed. This means "Wash your face!"

At the end of every long and rewarding day you must complete the ritual of cleansing the day off. Especially if you had a long, hot, sweaty and possibly makeup filled day.  

For myself, it's a beautiful finish to everyday. I enjoy making it to the finish line and taking this moment to cleanse, reflect and refresh. I could not even think of going to sleep with all my makeup still on, not even when I'm camping! No matter how good my products are - and they are the best! - they still need to come off at the end of my day.

Remember that oil, sweat, dirt, environmental pollutants, and of course, for many of us makeup, will get stuck deep into the skin. This is a good part of how I make my living; squeezing and cleansing all that junk out of my clients skin.  It's a great job! But the bottom line is that if you want better skin, then don't let this stuff sit over night on your face. This is what blackheads are made of!

Some of my favourite products for getting makeup off are Eminence Makeup Remover, their brand new 3-1 Rice Cleansing Milk, any Eminence creamy cleanser as a pre cleanse,  Jane Iredale Makeup Remover and of course, the Magic-Mitts! Even some home remedies such as coconut oil are a great skin care tip when you are in a pinch. It you wear a lot of makeup, think of using a 2-step cleansing process.  

I hope this is helpful to all of you. Feel free to stop in at the spa and ask one of us to help you find the best options for your own individual skin care needs; we are always happy to help!