Planting Seedlings for Spring Equinox

Today is Spring Equinox and although it's a winter wonderland out there, I feel such an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Spring is the time to clean, to cleanse and to let go of all of the baggage, energies, and toxins that are no longer serving you.

Spring is a celebration of the new crop season. It is literally a time that Mother Nature welcomes new seedlings into her soil. It is a time of fertility, renewal and rebirth. Before planting a seed we must prep the soil; which means we must get rid of the weeds to make room for the potential of new life.  Our lives, and souls require the very same thing - we require a willingness to let go of the things that no longer serve us. We must evaluate what our individual "life soil" needs to embrace the growth of our ideas, dreams and goals. And we must plant with intention and care deeply for our seedlings giving them the attention, nourishment and love they require to grow.

It was a tough winter for a lot of people. It was darker than normal and the lack of sunlight, the shorter days, and the freezing temperatures all contributed to symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. People were sad, unmotivated and energetically low.  It felt for many like a downward spiral.  Today we get to choose to move back up the happiness spiral, and our spring season will aid us in momentum with longer more balanced days, and the nourishment of fresh rain and sun. This is the perfect time to set your  intentions and your commitments to new  beginnings. It is time to create some  goals.  Maybe this is the time to revisit  your January intentions - are you on  track? What happened to those goals you set only a few months ago? What do you want to create in your life? What makes your heart beat the hardest?

I challenge you today to have the courage to truly look inward and ask your self this:  Am I living with intention?  Am I happy?  What can I let go of to make my journey lighter?  What would courage have me do? 

Remember this: Your life matters, and you always have the choice. Happiness is a state of mind, and I can promise you that you are courageous enough to create the life you desire and you DESERVE to.

Kori Leigh Hagel
Life Coach