Pulling the Trigger - Sensitive Skin

Rachel Lamont, Medical Esthetician 
edited by: Shyla Rood, Esthetician & Tiffany Rupp, Office Manager  

There are many types of sensitive skin. In this article I am going to explain the general rules about the sensitive skin types we see here at The Natural Art of Skin Care and how we work on calming and correcting them.

Almost everyone has seen or dealt with sensitive skin at some point in time. Whether we are born with it or developed the issues over time, sensitive skin affects many people. The most common problems are eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, and my favourite to treat; sensitized.  In some situations you can have one or more of these common problems layered onto one another, sometimes developing over years. 

The physical signs of a sensitive skin reaction is our bodies way of signalling an imbalance within our bodies, either topically or internally.  There will always be a trigger at the heart of these skin issues. Triggers are things that you may be coming in contact with, either orally or environmentally, that is causing your skin to be sensitive or sensitized.  To achieve the results you are hoping for the key is finding the trigger that is causing the irritation and learn how to calm it down. During a treatment we try to identify  your personal triggers and discuss a game plan of changing habits and home care regimes for the future. Your certified Esthetician will recommend proper skin care products and an at home regime to calm and treat the issues. Home care is best accompanied with an appointment with one of our many other professionals available at the spa for more of an internal diagnosis and treatment. 

If you are struggling with any of these issues make sure you put extra time and care into your product selections. Products should be perfume free, because these chemicals will irritate the skin further, and petroleum free, because it's toxic and ends up drying the skin out even more. Many products are filled with fillers and possible carcinogens which can damage your skin instead of soothing the skin. In my opinion the use of topical pharmaceuticals alone is becoming a large problem, we try to make all of our clients here aware of this.  Most of these topical prescription's are also toxic to the liver and over time may accumulate.  Topical medications may also have other side-effects, this may make them more ineffective or irritate the issue!

At The Natural Art of Skin Care, we believe in natural and organic solutions to your sensitive and sensitized skin. These all-natural products include the ingredients necessary to support the skin while it's healing and give it the continued protection it needs to remain healthy and youthful. Natural products feed and nourish the skin which in turn makes it stronger and more equipped to handle future problems. As an organic spa, we carry many different all natural remedies for any budget.

The Natural Art of Skin Care is holding a seminar on Tuesday, February 25th where Rachel Lamont will be discussing more in depth, sensitive and sensitized skin issues. How recognize your possible triggers, start the healing process and how to continue to care for your sensitive and sensitized skin will be on the forefront of the discussion. Let us teach you how to continue on the road to having happy, healthy skin. If you are suffering from one or more of these problems or you know someone else who is,  this is a MUST NOT miss event.

Please call 587.351.1131 to book your seat ahead of time or click "Going" on our Facebook Sensitive Skin Seminar Event. Seats are $20