The Basics of Skin Care for Busy Moms

By Rachel Lamont
Spa Owner & Medical Esthetician

Sometimes you get so busy that you need to scale back to the basics. During the busy times of their lives, like having children, clients always ask me, "What are the basics?" To me, the basics are the things that are quick and easy, and maintain the look and health of your skin and body until a time comes when you may have more time. 

If you can save your good daily clean up for the evening when the children go to bed, you will have more time and be able to give some personal attention to yourself. The mornings are not always ideal, simply because getting the children ready and out the door is the highest priority! For your morning, wake up and drink a big glass of water, rinse your face and simply apply your SPF. A great 3-1 is the Eminence Tinted Moisturizers. They have a light moisturizing complex and contain nourishing ingredients, with a SPF 30 base and a light tint to help even out skin tone. Now you're done and off for the day!

In the evening, take a shower; this is the time to wash the day off and get yourself ready and clean for bed. A good daily cleanser that is balanced for your skin type is important. You can simply use a wash cloth to exfoliate if you want to keep it simple. Follow by a nutrient dense, but not necessarily heavy, night cream. I find eye creams are also important for some people if they are particularly dry or dark. For the body, a simple natural body oil or coconut oil is great! Make sure to moisturize and take care of your whole body every day. Then finally - go to bed!

As for makeup, I think a simple tinted moisturizer or mineral powder with mascara and lip gloss makes a very simple, easy and put-together look. With new moms, it's always easy to panic when they have to go simple, but remember that with some key products it can be very simple and stress free to maintain a healthy glow.