Water: How Important Is Drinking Enough?

As an Esthetician, I get asked about drinking water all the time! Not to mention, living in this climate, I see it in skin every day.  Let me begin by saying that water is one of the most basic elements of life; Just like oxygen, without water we wouldn't survive. As adults, we are composed of around 50-65% water. In infants, this is typically higher, around 75-78% water. 


Drinking an adequate amount of water daily is important for overall good health. This is because water aids in all the mandatory and regulatory bodily functions that keep us alive, like digestion, circulation, absorption, excretion of water, fluids, toxins and bacteria, it helps regulate the body's temperature through sweating, aids in proper circulation, boosts the immune system, helps with muscle and skin tone and is a key component in the communication between cells! Water is the body’s transportation system and when we are dehydrated, our body just can't function as well. This is because dehydration slows everything down, and messes up the natural hormone functions of the body. 


Skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are composed largely of water. Without water, organs and cells do not function properly and definitely not at optimal potential, and as I mentioned above, each living, breathing cell in the body must also complete all the above activities to maintain health and life on a consistent and daily basis. 


So how does this affect your skin? On the surface, skin that is lacking water will look dry, tight, cracked and flaky. Dry skin has less resiliency and is also more prone to wrinkling, acne, an overall dull-looking appearance and sallow-looking skin. It can also cause more obvious symptoms like dry lips and a dry inner nose. When I consume enough H2O, I personally notice my own skin becomes more radiant, more healthy and youthful-looking, and my complexion is better overall.


As we sweat and excrete large quantities of water every day, we need to replace it and be consistent in re-hydrating throughout the day. A fact that I like to share with my skin-conscious clients is that the unfortunate truth is this: Skin is deemed one of the least important organs when the brain prioritizes its use of nutrients and H2O! for distribution throughout the body. For good reason, the vital organs like the heart, lungs, kidney and liver receive "first call" on utilizing the majority of the fresh water and resources we intake. That means that the fresh water we consume will reach the majority of the other organs before it reaches the skin. This is why it's important to drink at least the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. However, even this amount with vary from person to person, depending on health, weight, activities, environment and the climate that the individual is currently living in.


If your skin is still feeling dry and you are maintaining a healthy water consumption level, then you may have naturally dry skin and/or live in a dry climate like we do here in Calgary! So, I would like to share a few simple and natural skin care tips and product suggestions that we have available at the spa for our dry clients: 



  • During the dry months, or if you have dry skin, use a cream cleanser that will not pull moisture from the skin. Some people have a cream cleanser during the winter or in drier climates, and a lighter or a gel-based cleanser in the summer. Note that you may need to use a makeup remover before using a cream cleanser if you wear a lot of makeup. Some of these cleansers will even help leave a layer of healthy moisture to prevent against TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) which is a fancy way of saying it will help prevent water from escaping the skin and therefore drying out. Some of my favourite cream cleansers are Eminence Blueberry Soy Cleanser, Eminence Coconut Cleanser and Eminence Sweet Red Rose Cleanser, as well as Lowen's Cleanser "You Sure Clean Up Nice!," which is a fantastic local Calgary line. 
  • The Eminence Organic Strawberry Hyaluronic Serum pulls 1000x its weight in water into the skin! I personally find this serum very helpful during Calgary winters.
  • Using a rich moisturizer like the Eminence Coconut Moisturizer, Blueberry Soy Moisturizer or Monoi Age Corrective, is always a good idea! In the winter, our skin may need a heavier moisturizer to maintain its normal hydration. See my article on changing your products to suit the season on our website for more information on this topic!
  • Adding a few drops of natural essential oil blends that are suited to your individual skin type over the top of your serum or night cream during a dry month will result in helpful and highly effective assistance to your skin's natural oil barrier. Eminence Organic recently brought out a Rosehip Oil which is a great option for all skin types, while local BC line Apple Island Naturals has a great array of oil blends for this also. 



Here are my quick tips for drinking more water:



    • Drink at least 8 glasses of fresh water each day.
    • When you wake up in the morning, make the first thing you do drinking a full glass of water and help your system get started for the day.
    • Add fresh fruit to your water to make it taste better and entice you to drink more throughout the day.
    • Add a little lemon to your water! Putting lemon in your water will aid your body in a gentle detox and will also help to alkaline your body's internal systems. 
    • Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you are as a reminder to keep drinking! When you have a water bottle with you, you will be more likely to drink it!
    • Eat raw fruits and vegetables as snacks with every meal; they are dense in water! You can get some water from food too, not just from beverages.
    • Remember that If you are exercising or sweating more, you will need to drink more water to replenish your reserves! Aim to drink enough water and other fluids that you urinate frequently and with light color.

To summarize, I believe it is scientifically undisputed that it is crucial to drink a healthy amount of water on a daily basis to maintain and help boost the skin's overall health and beauty! As always, I hope this article has brought you some clarity in regards to water consumption and skin care. Please feel free to book your individual consult today and have your skin assessed by one of our professionals at The Natural Art of Skin Care today! Call us at (587) 351-1131 to make your booking.