4 Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hair

Don't wash it every day. Try to only wash your hair every 2-4 days. Building up the natural oils is the best form of hydration for healthy hair and scalp.


2. Use natural shampoos such as Calgary's own Lowen's "Shampoo is Betta!" This is a gentle Vegan, sulfate-free coconut based shampoo great for replenishing the hair! Use high-quality natural hair products that are free from synthetic 

sudsing detergents like SLS (sodium luaryl sulfates) that strip the natural oils from the scalp and dry out the hair follicle making it more prone to split ends and damage. Artificial fragrance is another ingredient that can cause contact dermatitis to the scalp, further causing irritation and imbalances. 


3. Use a natural bristle brush. Here at the spa, we carry Bass Brushes with 2 different options; natural boar hair bristles and organic bamboo bristles. These do not strip the hair's follicle shaft, therefore not creating split ends. They glide easily and help pull your natural oils through the hair.

4. Use a natural hair oil to treat the ends of your hair. Don't be fooled by marketing, a lot of the hair oils on the market are just cheap fragrance filled nonsense. You need a hair oil where you can pronounce the ingredients on the back! We carry an organic oil line called Burnt Whisky. It's a great beard oil line that all us ladies love for our dry ends!