Clean your ears

Do your ears feel blocked? Do you find your hearing isn't quite what it should be? Does it feel like you have water in your ears, or sore infected blackheads?  Do you experience ear aches or pain? Have you been cleaning your ears regularly after the shower? If not, then you may be one of my clients in need of a good ear cleaning!


Ears are self-sufficient and naturally clean themselves. Over time as we chew and yawn, our bodies will move ear wax out of our ears, but sometimes this process isn’t perfect, and wax builds up and hardens in the canal and can cause a hard wax impaction to form. 


Every day during my facials I take a minute to look into my client's ears and tend to them. After that, I ask them to clean their ears regularly after each shower. If they fall behind for a few weeks, I ask them to let me take a look in the ear canal before they put a Q-tip into it. We do this to make sure there aren't any significant buildups that can be pushed down further into the ear canal and cause an issue.


To prevent blackheads from forming in the outer ear area, take a clean Q-tip or 2 and clean after every shower. We get buildups from the natural oils and wax we produce as well as our makeup, shampoo and conditioner residues. Take another clean Q-tip and very gently swirl around the shallow opening of the canal. If the Q-tip comes out dirty, use another new one and repeat until clean. Ensuring ear maintenance is done at least weekly will prevent build-up and blackheads from forming. Do not cross contaminate by using a used Q-tip for swirling around the opening of the ear canal.


Consider it like blowing your nose, flossing your teeth, wiping your bum and genitals after you excrete toxins. Sometimes the body needs a little bit of help maintaining cleanliness. This is why we shower and soap and clean our body’s regularly - to help the body stay clean and fresh, and therefore healthy. If we didn’t shower, wash our face and brush our teeth, then we would have a build up of dirt, and bacteria would grow from old, decaying skin cells and sebum oils. That's all just part of the process!


If you suspect you have an impaction, come and see one of our Estheticians at the spa to take a look in your ear or head to the doctor for an ear flushing. This simple procedure is done by gently spraying warm water carefully into the ear to soften and flush the hardened wax plug.

It is not my intention to remove ALL ear wax from the canal as it does help with preventing dust, dirt, and bacteria from entering the ear and therefore the body. It is my intention to keep the ears clean from residues, blackheads and old built up wax to prevent ear infections and impacted ear wax blockages.