Qi Beauty Facial - A new TCM Facial addition to The Natural Art of Skin Care!

March is here, which hopefully means spring is just around the corner!  We made it through a cold and snowy February, even breaking a few weather records in Calgary!  Most of us have probably noticed our mood taking a bit of a hit, being stuck indoors, long and slow after-work commutes, and shoveling mounds of snow in this bitter cold.  During cold snaps like this, it is also common to notice not so pleasant changes in our skin.  If your skin feels rough and unbearably dry right now, you are not alone!  Cold air, wind, and indoor heating systems all suck the moisture out of our skin and leave us looking lackluster and tired.  This is the time of year to be using a rich moisturizer, and adding more oils into your routine, maybe an oil pre-cleanser, or a finishing oil on top of your moisturizer which provides a barrier between your skin and the elements.  This is also an exciting time at the spa, because we are introducing a few new facials on our menu, including a Traditional Chinese Medicine based skin therapy, called Qi Beauty!  


The Qi Beauty facial is a really exciting and new way to look at improving the look and health of our skin.  It was developed as a way to give the skin the optimal condition to heal and return to an active state.  Skin can recover at any age, it just needs the right environment and energy, or qi, to do so.  We use a combination of over 3000 years of TCM philosophy, Quantum principles of energy, static magnetic fields and the medicinal properties of gold to deliver hydration and nutrients to every layer of skin at any age.  Using 1000 gold magnetic beads, and the theory of TCM meridians and qi flow, to manipulate the biochemistry and physiology of the skin, we can direct the flow of energy, which in turn directs the flow of fluid to areas that need attention, bring volume to cheeks, move fluid from under eye area, and increase collagen and elastin production.  This flow of fluid can be detected during the very first session, when a bounce or spring returns to the skin.  


During this 90-minute treatment, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and toned, before a matrix, or a personalized pattern, of 1000 gold magnetic beads are placed gently on the face to begin the manipulation of qi.  This is very relaxing and soothing as meridians are opened up, and energy flows through the face as nature intended.  A deeply nourishing and activating combination of a facial oil and hydrating spray is then carefully applied over and around the beads to begin nourishing the skin and activating the regeneration process.  The arrival of qi is checked periodically, looking for that bounce returning to the skin.  Once the qi has arrived, usually between 30-40 minutes, the beads are removed and discarded, as gold is known to absorb toxins and impurities.  Lastly the skin is moisturized gently, to protect it from the environment and to allow the qi and nutrients to remain and continue to heal.  The full treatment lasts 90 minutes, and will leave you feeling super relaxed, and looking super rested.  Many people will notice their fine lines are less noticeable, and an overall lift to the face, even after the first session.  Because skin regenerates in a 6-week period, it is highly recommended to plan for a course of 3 treatments during that time, so we can actually train the new skin cells to be more active.  The effects of Qi Beauty are accumulative, and with every session, we bring more life and energy to the skin, so going beyond the 3 sessions will only continue to improve the look and feel of the skin.


I'm so excited to bring this amazing new treatment to all our amazing friends at The Natural Art of Skin Care, that I will be offering a 20% discount to all packages of 3 and 5 Qi Beauty sessions for all of March!  Please feel free to call the spa if you have any questions about Qi Beauty or any other TCM therapies we offer!


 See you at the Spa!

-Dr. Amy Nykoluk, DTCM