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Heaven's Alchemy

Exquisite Perfume

The joy and excitement of Heaven's Alchemy is in traveling the world through perfume. It is in experiencing beauty and romance through the eyes of a different culture! It is the thrill of feeling more oneself in a foreign land than at home, it is the world and all its magical possibilities unveiled through the transformative powers of pure perfume.

The Heaven's Alchemy line consists of 15 exquisite pure perfumes; it is a line of the purest perfumes possible, from the finest ingredients, without alcohol, colour additives, harmful chemicals or animal testing. 

The name Heaven's Alchemy means "the Divine Art of Transformation." It represents the transformative power of love, be it Storge (familial love), Philia (friendship), Agape (altruistic love of humanity), or Eros (romantic love). This power is known, understood and cherished by all cultures; travel the world with Heaven's Alchemy!









Natural oral care. That works.

The complete line of natural oral care products includes xylitol. This natural sweetener’s ability to promote better oral health is backed by thousands of clinical studies, and all of the products in the Spry Dental Defense System include amounts that have proven effective. In addition to the immediate results, research has shown that effectively using xylitol for as little as a few months may have longer-lasting results that remain for years.

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